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In-shop Camera ADAS Recalibration

ADAS Recalibration (Advanced Driver Assistance Safety Systems)

Many newer vehicles are now equipped with forward-facing camera systems that connect to your windshield.  These systems are designed to keep you safely on the road.  It is important that these cameras are recalibrated, immediately following your windshield replacement!

What camera sensors require recalibration?
Vehicle camera sensors that typically require recalibration immediately following a windshield replacement can include Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert/Avoidance, Brake Mitigation/Active Brake Assist, Light Sensors, Adaptive Cruise Control, Pedestrian Warning and Lane Keep Assist.  

We provide in-house camera recalibration!
We have teamed up with Precision Diagnostics (based in Madison, WI)  in order to offer complete camera recalibration at our Verona facility.  This means no second appointment at a dealership is necessary!  The camera recalibration is done at our Verona facility immediately following your glass replacement. 

Is there an extra charge for ADAS Recalibration?
Yes.  There is an additional fee for ADAS camera recalibration.  This amount varies based on the type of calibration your vehicle requires.  There are 3 recalibration methods:  Dynamic, Static and Dual Recalibration.

If you file an insurance claim, your insurance company will cover the cost of the camera recalibration along with your windshield replacement.  We will direct bill them for this service for you!






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