Q1:) What is the warranty on new windows replaced by Complete Auto Glass?
A1:) All windows purchased from Complete Auto Glass are guaranteed against leaks, glass defects and workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. (*Warranty is void on any window not purchased directly from Complete Auto Glass or on vehicles that contain rust on the window frame.)

Q2:) What is your warranty on rock chip repairs?
A2:) In the event a rock chip repaired by Complete Auto Glass fails, we will apply the amount paid toward the cost of a new windshield replacement. *PLEASE NOTE: While rare, there is always a risk that the glass will break when attempting a rock chip repair. If this happens, we will offer you a discounted price on the glass replacement.

Q3:) Can you stop my windshield or back glass from leaking, if I had it replaced somewhere else?
A3:) Yes! As long as the technician determines that the leak is caused from a poor seal, we can remove your glass and reinstall it for you. There is a fee associated with doing this and in the event the glass breaks during the R & I (Remove and Install) process, any replacement glass needed will be at the customer's expense.

Q4:) My door glass no longer goes up and down when I press on the switch. Can you fix this?
A4:) Yes. Our highly trained glass installers can diagnose your specific problem, help you obtain the necessary parts and fix your door glass operation for you.

Q5:) Is it safe to replace my windshield outside?
A5:) Yes, as long as the weather is above freezing (32 degrees) and not raining or snowing, it is safe to install a window outside. Outdoor services also require a safe working environment with off-street parking and adequate lighting.

Q6:) How long does it take to replace my windshield?
A6:) A typical replacement takes about 1 & 1/2 hours. If we schedule your appointment at your location, we do require access to your vehicle for the entire day. Our installer will call you that morning with a 2 hour time estimate.

Q7:) If I bring my vehicle to your shop in Verona, can I wait there while you do the work?
A7:) Yes! We have a comfortable area for you to wait in while the work is being done.

Q8:) Is my vehicle safe to drive when you are finished replacing the windshield?
A8:) Yes! We use high quality, quick-dry adhesives so that when we have finished your replacement, your vehicle is safe to be driven. Your installer will give you safe drive-away times that you need to be aware of before they leave.

Q9:) I had my windshield replaced in the winter 2 days ago and now I hear some strange creaking and popping noises. Is this normal?
A9:) Yes. Those noises are common in the winter months for up to a week following a windshield replacement. This occurs as the glue does a final cure. While this may be annoying, it is not cause for concern. Some people never hear any noises, and this is common too.

Q10:) Do you work on moon and sunroofs?
A10:) No, unfortunately, we do not service moon or sunroofs at this time. We recommend talking to your local dealer for issues like this.

Q11:) Do you do any window tinting?
A11:) No, unfortunately, we do not currently do any window tinting.

Q12:) If I have a forward collision alert, lane departure warning system or automatic braking assistance feature in my vehicle, is there anything special I need to know about my windshield replacement?
A12:) Yes, many vehicles with these types of sensors require a sensor recalibration immediately following your windshield replacement. We are now able to offer this service at our Verona location. There is an additional cost for this service.

Q13:) My insurance agent told me they work directly with a specific glass company. Can I use any company I want and still go through insurance?
A13:) YES! In the state of Wisconsin, you can have anyone you'd like service your vehicle. Just simply tell them you'd like Complete Auto Glass (in Barneveld and Verona) to do your work. Or, simply call us directly and we will help you set up the claim!

Q:14) What types of glass do you sell?
A14:) We sell high end glass that is made by Original Equipment manufacturers. The large majority of our pieces come from PGW, Pilkington, CARLITE and MOPAR. We do have other brands available as well, but have high standards that the glass must meet.